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General Instruction
1. Strict regularly, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech and the conduct, cleanliness of dress are expected from every student all must strictly conform to the regulation laid down in this record.

2. The bearing of school uniform is obligatory,

3. A kind of damage to school property or school premises must be made good by the student. Disciplinary action will be taken.

4. No presents are to be made to any staff members.

5. All students must carry the school diary to school each day.

6. Let comers and those arriving after ten minutes of the bell for assembly, will not be permitted in to the school.

7. Once a student is in the school, he/she will not be allowed to go home early. In case of any emergency, the parents have do come school and collect their word. The students will not be allowed to leave with anyone else, even with a written consent by the parents.

8. No students will be allowed to go home during school hours unless a prior application is made to the principal and sanction of the leave is made by the principal. (only urgent reason).

9. If the students continues to be absent from class for 15 days without intimation to the principal or class teacher his or her name will be struck off the roll and re-admission of the child will be made, subject to the principal’s discretion.

10. Accumulation of the fee arrears, habitual absenteeism, action detrimental to the discipline of the school, failures in tests or examinations and insubordination are sufficient reasons, singly or together to expel a student from the school.

11. Parents are strictly forbidden to enter any class or meet any teacher during school hours without the written permission from the office.

12. Our pupil should observe polite behavior wherever they go. They should greet their teacher when they meet them, bulling the use of foul language are punishable offences.

13. All parents/Guardians are to co-operate with the school authorities on matter concerning school discipline.

14. Children are not allowed to buy eatable from the vendors outside the school campus.

15. Students should be collected from the school within 30 minutes after it has closed.